Sensory Friendly Fashion for Autistic Youth

by Amy Javier

Children with autistic spectrum disorder feel everything quite differently than others. They have a unique way of speaking, feeling emotions and have a colorful imagination. One thing that they also feel and makes a difference in their lives is the way how the skin responses to the clothing they wear..

We live in a world full of sensory triggers with a lot of sights, sounds and sensory stimuli that bombards us every day. Can you imagine a child with autism in the world immersed with so many sensations? It must be really hard for them! That is why obtaining the feedback is extremely important.

These are a few helpful tips on having the right clothing that might help children with autism to feel more comfortable in their clothing:

Similar to weighted blankets, compression clothing helps.

Weight is a way of grounding them and helping them reconnect with the world around them.

Never have the compression clothing too tight on the child, because it may interfere with breathing.

Use a tagless clothing.

Compression clothing helps a child feel safe in their bodies and surroundings. Helping a child to feel secure in themselves and their surroundings allows for the child to thrive and be successful in a day to day life. Our children’s performance in the school is greatly influenced by the way they feel in their bodies. If they feel uncomfortable and fiddle with their clothes in an attempt to make themselves more comfortable, we need to correct that..

When a child lets you know that his or her clothing is not working for him or her, make sure you understand that this doesn’t mean a child is being dramatic. These sensory problems are real, and they just don’t “go away.” These clothing accommodations will significantly impact mental health and, in turn, children will perform better in all areas of their life. Asking your child for a feedback on his or her clothing will also help you in a long-term success goals for the life of your child with autism.

A few great clothing companies that support children with SPD and autism are:

  • Kozie Clothe’s - Kozie Clothes is committed to producing fun, stylish, comfortable clothing and products to the Pediatric Special Needs community.

  • Fun and Function - Fun and Function offers hundreds of products for special needs parents and therapists. In their clothing section you can find super soft, seamless, tagless dresses, leggings, pants tee’s and socks that are designed for children with sensory issues.

  • All-in-one company - All-in-one Company Sensory Onesies are sewn in a way that seams feel seamless so that nothing causes irritation. All Sensory Onesies also come with a zip cover to provide extra comfort against the skin.

  • Sensory Smart Clothing Co. - Is a line of kids clothing specifically with sensory sensitive children in mind.

  • Sensory Smart Store - Seamless socks, underwear, and clothing for children and adults. Eczema friendly. KAFO and AFO compression socks.

  • Teres Kids - was created to make simple beautiful clothes for active kids. By eliminating all the things that make kids uncomfortable, like itchy seams, tags and rough fabrics, Teres Kids aims to help all children be comfy and stay active.

Fashion is an excellent tool of the self-expression, but it can also be used methodologically as a way for your autistic child to be safe, happy and healthy every day.

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