New App Measures Repetitive Behaviors in People with Autism and Intellectual Disability

Repetitive behaviors are a distinguishing feature of autism, a neurological condition that impairs social skills and communication. A groundbreaking new app has been created that measures the severity of repetitive behaviors in people with autism and intellectual disability.

Titled COREAT (an acronym for the Spanish version of Autism Repetitive Behavior Test), the app was developed by the company CubeCut software, and is based on research conducted by Professor Agustin Martinez-Gonzalez, of the University of Alicante’s Department of Developmental Psychology and Didactics. COREAT provides the severity level of symptoms, such as self-harming, compulsive, ritualistic, and restrictive.

Difficulties with social interaction and repetitive behaviors are two of the defining characteristics of autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Martinez-Gonzalez has spent years researching these symptoms, which can profoundly impact a person’s life both on an educational level and in personal relationships.

Martinez-Gonzalez notes that, according to scientific evidence, repetitive behaviors are connected with anxiety, executive dysfunction, sensory processing issues, irritability, and behavioral problems in people with autism. Gonzalez-Martinez believes a tool that measures the severity of repetitive behaviors is necessary to assess whether those behaviors are a form of self-stimulation, or whether they can relieve the discomfort and distress of the person with autism.


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