Our Parent/Caregiver Training Program has been designed to support the needs of parents/caregivers as they continue the child's school-based learning process in the home environment and assume a greater role in the progress of their child. The training includes a comprehensive seminar series and small group workshop sessions.


Parents will collaborate with the center-based staff to help increase their child's progress.
Initial goals of the parent education program include:
Facilitate increased collaboration and partnership among teachers and parents of students who participate in school and community-based programs;
Enhance the parent's knowledge of the principles of behavior analysis and its application to education while their child is in school, at home and in the community;
Establish a coordinated system of training and technical assistance that will facilitate the meaningful involvement of parents in the education of their child and help generalize behaviors across the child's various environments.

Parent Education Program for autistic children and their families 

The Program is designed to deliver training to parents and other caregivers from the community that will enable them to work with their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in their home and community environments with the goal of generalizing behaviors across all domains. Individualized parent training is provided in 2 different manners. One is with an ABA specialist working with parent and child at the school and the other is through in-person group workshop and training sessions.


The training will help parents control unwanted behaviors that occur outside of the school environment, reinforce what has been learned during the in-school/classroom experience, and prevent regression while supporting the objectives of the learning experience. The parent training will increase the ability to follow family routines, increase communication between caregivers and siblings, and decrease maladaptive and aggressive behaviors in the home. The training will also extend the children's training time, which has proven to improve success rates. In addition, it will create a collaboration between parents/caregivers and educators by partnering to reinforce positive children response patterns.

The autism workshops are provided to all parents free of charge and are presented by professionals with expertise in specific areas in autism education and behavioral analysis. This program is funded by the NYC council Autism Initiative Grant.

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